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Underfloor Heating | Signature 149 Underfloor Heating Either as a primary heating source or simply to just warm your floor, heating your room has never been easier - meaning you never have to step on a cold floor again. By heating the floor area, this in turn heats the room, providing you with heat when and where you need it most. All our kits are supplied as standard with the touch screen fully programmable digital thermostat timer so you can pre-set your desired temperature for every day of the week. The completely programmable timer allows you to also manually override the system allowing you to be fully in control of when you need heat the most. Heat as and when you desire - never step out onto a cold floor again! Make your cold tiled floor a thing of the past with a Signature Underfloor Heating Kit. All you need to complete your perfect floor: • Desired size of heating mat • Completely programmable touch screen digital thermostat • Thermostat floor sensor • Floor sensor installation sleeve pipe • Digital Multimeter for accurate installation at every stage • Complete installation and operation manual Underfloor Heating • Control card and full test certificate Area 1.0m 150W/m / Watts 150 £137.00 Area 1.5m 2 150W/m 2 / Watts 225 £153.00 Area 2.0m 2 150W/m 2 / Watts 300 £169.00 Area 3.0m 2 150W/m 2 / Watts 450 £195.00 Area 4.0m 2 150W/m 2 / Watts 600 £225.00 Area 5.0m 150W/m / Watts 750 £265.00 2 2 2 2 • Fully certified, tested and CE approved At 1p/hour/m 2 * (approx) running costs, there has never been a better time to consider an underfloor heating system. ased on latest energy prices July 2013 for an average 3 bedroom semi of 10.5p/kWh. Calculations take into account the initial heat-up period and average room temperatures. *b