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94 Radiators | Signature Radiators Heating in the bathroom is now not only about getting the correct temperature for your room, but also creating aesthetically pleasing towel rail and radiator designs. With the introduction of electric and thermostatic heating elements, achieving the correct temperature has never been easier. All standard designer radiators can be used in conjunction with water central heating systems and are tested at ∆60° to provide accurate BTU/Watts guidelines. Each radiator style will be marked with the relevant symbols for fuel types available: Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Thermostatic Dual Fuel Make a style statement with one of our range of beautiful designer radiators Electric Only - Pre Filled Stainless Steel Radiators All stainless steel radiators are suitable for all heating systems and produced from the highest grade raw materials. They are hand-crafted, ensuring exacting standards with clean, contemporary lines. Dual Fuel All dual fuel radiators can be used with water central heating systems or as a stand alone unit when you do not require the whole central heating to be used, such as warmer summer months. To use a dual fuel radiator as electric only, simply close off the flow valve, turn on your heating element and your radiator will heat independently of the central heating system providing warmth as and when you desire. Dual fuel options are available with either a standard heating element or with a thermostatic element to provide even greater control over your room temperature. £65.00 Dual Fuel £104.00 Thermostatic Dual Fuel Electric Only - Pre Filled Our Ripon range of all electric sealed radiators are supplied pre filled with the highest grade of anti corrosion thermal transfer fluid to maintain product durability and provide long lasting quality for years to come. 5 year 10 year 20 year guarantee guarantee guarantee White Chrome Stainless Steel Product compatibility is the responsibility of the installer